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DHI Hair Clinic

History of DHI Global:

DHI Medical Group was established in 1970 and has been dedicated for over 54 years to providing high quality services to all its patients around the world. More than 300,000 hair transplantations have been performed in the 75 DHI clinics internationally around the world.
The first DHI hair restoration academy in the world was established in London, England. It specializes in training doctors from all over the world on DHI technology, allowing DHI to be present in 47 different countries 

History of DHI Egypt:

DHI Egypt has been established to raise the standards of hair transplant industry in Egypt, following the DHI total care system.
All under the supervision of Hossam Tahseen clinics

Our objective

To provide you with safe solutions, give you natural results for a life time, and achieve maximum hair density.

at DHI Egypt we offer a correct diagnosis which is the basis for a successful treatment.

DHI has developed a very sophisticated diagnostic approach- the DSA


Commitment to excellence, innovation, ethical engagement and transparency.