Can transplanted hair fall

Can transplanted hair fall?

Can transplanted hair fall? Individuals frequently experience mixed emotions when deciding to undergo hair transplantation. They experience optimism at times and anxiety at others. The procedure may raise concerns, including post-transplant hair loss, which raises doubts and questions.

On the other hand, you may be one of those who has already had hair transplantation and experienced hair loss, raising concerns about the normalcy of this phenomenon. In this context, we hope to shed light on the phenomenon of post-transplant hair loss and know Can transplanted hair fall or not? by providing clear and objective information to help you make an informed decision about hair transplantation.


Can transplanted hair fall?

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is one of the hair transplantation techniques that has proven to be effective in providing 100% permanent and natural results for its clients. This method involves extracting follicles and reimplanting them in balding areas. Although the procedure is simple, full healing of the treated area may take some time.

Hair shedding within 2 to 3 months of surgery is considered normal. Following this period, new hair begins to appear gradually. Individuals must distinguish between natural hair shedding (100 to 150 strands per day) and shedding after transplantation.



Causes of Hair Loss After Transplantation

Hair is transferred from the donor area to the recipient area during the hair transplantation procedure. This process can sometimes cause stress on the scalp and surrounding hair, resulting in shock loss.

Here are some important points to remember about hair loss after transplantation:

  • Follicles are temporarily starved of nutrients and oxygen during hair transplantation, causing them to enter a resting phase and shed hair.

  • Shock loss, or the shedding of transplanted hair in the first 2-3 months after hair transplantation, is a common occurrence. 

  • Hair shedding does not indicate a procedure failure or rejection of hair follicles. It is a normal scalp reaction, and hair will regrow in time.

  • After a period of 6 to 9 months, new hair growth will be visible.

So, can transplanted hair fall be avoided?


Hair thickening process after transplantation

Benefits of plasma for transplanted hair

Can transplanted hair fall be avoided?

There is no permanent solution to completely prevent hair shedding after transplantation; however, post-operative hair care and adhering to the surgeon's recommendations are critical to the success of hair transplantation. 

The following tips can help you maintain your transplanted hair's results and protect it:

  • Avoid over-brushing your hair and tightly wrapping it around your head.

  • Ensure that the medications and shampoos prescribed by the surgeon are used.

  • Traditional shampoos and skincare products tend to dry out the scalp.

  • Before undergoing a hair transplantation procedure, consider treating early hair loss.

  • Use only the vitamins and dietary supplements prescribed by your surgeon.

  • Zinc, along with vitamin B12 and B7 (biotin), is recommended as a basic supplement for anyone experiencing hair loss following hair transplantation surgery.

However, the next paragraph will address the question of whether transplanted hair lasts a lifetime.



Does transplanted hair last forever?

Surgeons can transplant thousands of hair follicles in a single session, and the technique used, the surgeon's skill, and postoperative care determine their survival rate. The results of hair transplants are permanent, lasting more than 20 years in most cases and, in many cases, a lifetime. You will see the results whenever you look in the mirror.

As a result, before deciding on a hair transplant, we recommend conducting extensive research and comparing various hair transplant techniques. Choose a clinic that guarantees your safety as well as natural-looking results.

Finally, hair loss following a hair transplant is a natural and temporary part of the healing process. The DHI Hair Transplant Center guarantees the best results possible by utilizing advanced techniques and a skilled medical team for know if can transplanted hair fall

Please contact us if you have any questions about post-transplant hair shedding or any other aspect of hair transplant procedures. We are happy to provide additional information and guidance to ensure a successful and comfortable experience.


Can the transplanted hair be thickened?

Plasma injections can be used after hair transplantation to thicken it and keep the results longer.



Can I go swimming after hair transplantation?

Swimming should be avoided for 14 days following the procedure because most swimming pools contain chlorine, which should not come into contact with the healing skin.