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Duration of hair growth following transplantation

Knowing how long hair grows after transplantation is important because it varies from patient to patient, which may cause anxiety in some patients. 

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the duration of hair growth after transplantation, the stages of its growth after the operation, the results of hair transplantation after 3 months, and we will review the factors affecting the acceleration of the growth of transplanted hair and enhancing its density, as well as some medical advice for the post-operation for better results without any complications, so stay with us.


How long does hair grow after a transplant?

Hair growth after transplantation takes one to one and a half years to show full results. Hair growth after hair transplantation goes through several stages, which are as follows:

Results after two months of transplantation

If the new hair falls out within two months after the operation, there is no need to worry because this is very natural. The new one pushes out the old follicle to replace it, which causes hair loss.

Results of hair transplantation after 3 months

After three months of hair transplantation, the first signs of new hair growth appear gradually. Initially, the new hair may appear thin and short, failing to meet the customer's expectations. However, there is no need to worry. Even at this stage, the gradual growth of new hair is a good sign that the procedure is working. As time passes, the new hair grows and develops normally. 



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From five to six months after the transplant operation

During this phase, the hair starts to grow longer and denser, which is typically more satisfying for the customer compared to the earlier stages post-operation. Patients begin to notice the growth of their new hair, marking the initial success of the procedure.

What happens one year after the transplant operation?

After about a year of transplantation, the customer clearly notices an increase in the length and density of the new hair to the required level of about 80%.

The final stage of hair growth after transplantation

This stage occurs about one and a half years after the operation, and the customer sees realistic and satisfactory results as the hair density increases to cover the scalp. Some customers may not need to take treatments at this stage, but the doctor's approval is required to discontinue treatment entirely. 



What factors influence the duration of hair growth following transplantation?

The most important factors that affect the duration of hair growth after transplantation and contribute to the success of hair transplantation operations in general are:

  • The surgeon's experience and skill in this type of operation.
  • The areas from which the roots of the new hair are transferred.
  • The client's interest in and care for his new hair, as well as his willingness to follow the doctor's advice following the hair transplant procedure, including the use of recommended treatments.

What is the doctor's advice for accelerating the growth of transplanted hair?

To reduce the duration of hair growth after transplantation and save time during the hair treatment journey, please follow the doctor's recommendations and advice. Here are some of the most well-known recommendations and advice in this regard:

  • Choose your doctor carefully and ensure that the hair transplant center you choose is licensed and certified.
  • You can evaluate the doctor and the hair transplant center by reviewing before and after photos of other patients.
  • Choose a healthy diet that provides your new hair with the nutrients it requires to accelerate transplanted hair growth and density.
  • If necessary, the doctor may prescribe additional treatments such as minoxidil and finasteride to promote hair growth and slow ongoing hair loss.
  • Avoid washing the new hair after the transplant operation for one week.
  • Do not use a comb unless your treating physician allows it.
  • After surgery, avoid strenuous physical activity.
  • Avoid stress and psychological pressures.
  • Avoid smoking because it reduces blood circulation, which harms hair follicles.

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After discussing in detail the duration of hair growth after transplantation, as well as the importance of following advice in the success of the operation and accelerating the growth of the transplanted hair, we mention that one of the best techniques used is direct hair transplantation with the DHI Egypt center, due to its complete safety and ease of undergoing the procedure. 

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