تكلفة حقن بلازما للشعر

Everything you want to know about hair plasma injections and their cost

Hair plasma injections are the best treatment for hair loss and hereditary baldness. It is a technique that renews cells and stimulates collagen production based on blood plasma, which helps hair grow again.


Plasma injection technology for hair

The hair plasma injection technique relies on drawing blood from the patient, treating it in a specific way to extract the plasma rich in protein and platelets, and then re-injecting it into the middle skin layer of the scalp to promote hair growth.


How to conduct plasma hair sessions

Three main steps take place during hair plasma injection, including:

Drawing a blood sample from the patient

A blood sample is drawn from the patient's arm with a sterile syringe, then the blood is placed in a tube with special specifications.

Separation and processing of blood sample

The blood tube is placed in a centrifuge for 10 minutes at high speed and then another 5 minutes at low speed.

Inside the device, blood is separated into three layers:

– The upper layer is platelet-poor plasma.

– The middle layer, rich in platelets.

- The lower layer, which are red blood cells.

The doctor separates the plasma-rich layer with a separate tube, and sometimes it is treated by adding some vitamins that help hair growth.

Plasma injection into the scalp

The doctor injects the local anesthetic into the targeted areas of the scalp so that the patient does not feel pain during the injection.

Platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp, targeting the middle layer of the skin.


How many plasma sessions does hair need?

It is considered one of the most common questions, in addition to the question: How many plasma injections for hair? As the patient usually needs three sessions with an interval of 4-6 weeks between one session and the next, it is necessary to repeat the sessions every 4 or 6 months to ensure continued healthy hair growth. Clear results of the sessions appear 3-6 months after the date of the last session.


Advantages of hair plasma injections

Hair plasma injection has many advantages in treating hair loss and hereditary baldness problems. It works to enhance blood circulation in the scalp and cell regeneration, which produces a strong hair follicle capable of growing healthy hair. It is also characterized by the following:

Stimulating scalp cells to produce collagen and protein, which are two of the most important factors in achieving healthy skin and healthy skin capable of growing hair again.

Stimulating the scalp helps strengthen weak hair to protect it from breakage and loss.

Plasma hair sessions help regenerate damaged stem cells, which are a unique type of cell capable of dividing and renewing scalp cells.

It helps stop the secretion of the hormone that causes hair loss.

It gives the hair shine and strength compared to the condition of the hair before the sessions.

It helps improve and accelerate the hair growth process in the case of hair transplantation.

The cost of plasma injections for hair is suitable for all people.


Tips after plasma injections for hair

The doctor may tell you some tips after the session to get the best results. These tips include the following:

Do not wash the scalp for 24 hours after a hair plasma injection session. After this period, you can wash the hair and style it with your own products naturally without any reservations.

Do not dye or straighten the hair until after completing the sessions at a minimum interval of two weeks.

Consult a doctor in case of scalp irritation or swelling.

Avoid exposing the scalp directly to sunlight for a week after the session.

Continuing hair plasma injections periodically to ensure hair growth. The sessions can be repeated every 6 months at first and then every year. This depends on the patient’s condition and the extent of the scalp’s response to plasma injections.


Candidates to undergo hair plasma injection procedure

Hair plasma injections are a suitable solution for anyone who suffers from the following:

Hereditary baldness.

Hair breakage and loss.


Scars on the scalp that prevent hair growth.


  • Those who are not candidates for hair plasma injections
  • Hair plasma injection is not suitable for the following categories:
  • Suffering from chronic skin diseases that always make the scalp inflamed.
  • Cancer patient.
  • Who suffers from chronic liver disease.
  • People with platelet dysfunction syndrome.
  • Who suffers from a low platelet count.
  • Thyroid patient.



Harmful effects of plasma injections on hair

Hair plasma injection is a procedure in which plasma from the patient's own blood is injected into the scalp, so it does not carry any harm, except for some side effects after the session that quickly disappear, including the following:

Scalp pain after injection.

Feeling itchy scalp.

Redness and swelling.

Minor bruising on the scalp.


The price of plasma injections for hair in Egypt

The cost of plasma injections for hair depends on several factors, including the following:

The doctor's experience in the field of hair plasma injections.

The number of sessions the patient needs, as it depends on the patient’s condition and the extent of the body’s response to the sessions.

Type of adjuvant treatments added to plasma.


My experience with plasma injections for hair

Mrs. Sarah narrates her experience with plasma injections for hair, saying: She was suffering from chronic hair loss and underwent plasma injections to treat this loss. The lady mentioned that she noticed that the hair loss stopped and became thicker after the third session of plasma injections.

The woman says that her experience with plasma injections was very good and got rid of hair loss permanently.