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Eyebrow transplant results

Do you suffer from gaps in your eyebrows? Do you want to have thick eyebrows that look natural and enhance the beauty of your face? If your answer is yes, then there is no need to worry. You should realize that eyebrow hair transplantation is the ideal solution for you. Nowadays, eyebrow hair transplantation procedures are available with many advanced techniques that achieve excellent results.

When do the results of eyebrow transplant appear? What are the best places for eyebrow hair transplantation in Egypt? How much do eyebrow hair transplantation cost in Egypt? All these questions and more will be answered during this article. Just keep reading until the end.


What is the eyebrow hair transplant procedure?

Eyebrow hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that helps restore the natural shape of the eyebrow. Unlike other cosmetic solutions for the eyebrow area, most of which are temporary, the results of eyebrow transplantation are natural and permanent, as the roots of natural hair are transplanted under local anesthesia after they are removed from the areas. The donor is located in the scalp individually in order to have a natural eyebrow appearance. Eyebrow hair transplantation is performed with the same techniques used in scalp hair transplantation.



When do the results of eyebrow transplant appear?

In most cases, the final results of eyebrow transplantation appear within a period ranging from approximately 3 to 6 months. Some cases may require a longer time, because the duration of the results of eyebrow transplantation and the appearance of the results depends on several factors:

  • The beauty center where eyebrow transplantation was performed.
  • The physician's competence in performing the procedure.
  • Apply eyebrow care instructions during the recovery period after the operation.
  • Periodic follow-up during the post-operative period to ensure the success and effectiveness of the procedure.

We would like to inform you that the DHI Center provides its clients with all possible guarantees that assure them that they will obtain impressive and permanent eyebrow transplant results, while providing periodic care and follow-up after the procedure to ensure that everything is going well.



Pictures of eyebrow hair transplantation before and after

Of course, there are clear visual differences in the density of eyebrow hair. The difference is large between the eyebrow hair transplant procedure before and after, as shown in the following pictures:


Does hair grow where the wound is in the eyebrow?

It is possible for hair to grow in the place of a wound in the eyebrow that has been exposed to accidents and the formation of scars after an eyebrow hair transplant is performed, since hair cannot grow in this place on its own.

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The best places for eyebrow hair transplantation in Egypt

The DHI Center is considered the best place for eyebrow hair transplantation in Egypt and hair transplantation in general, and this is due to its extensive experience in the field, which exceeds fifty years, according to the testimony of all clients who have previously dealt with the center, as:

  • He holds all the certificates and licenses that make him distinguished and a pioneer in the field of hair beauty.
  • He uses the best and most advanced techniques in the field of hair transplantation, the most important of which is the DHI technique.
  • It includes the largest and most skilled medical team specialized in the field.
  • Provides after-procedure care services to monitor the progress and results of clients' eyebrow transplantation to ensure they receive effective and satisfactory results.
  • It adheres to all safety and sterilization standards authorized by the concerned authorities in order to ensure healthy environmental conditions to avoid any risks and complications.
  • DHI Center provides an opportunity for its clients to see their previous experiences and the results of eyebrow transplantation before and after.
  • He is always keen to provide the price of eyebrow transplantation in proportion to the quality of the service provided and the client's ability to pay.



Eyebrow hair transplant prices in Egypt

Many people interested in eyebrow transplantation search for the latest prices for eyebrow hair transplantation in Egypt. In fact, the issue of determining the price of this procedure with a fixed number is a little difficult, because the price of eyebrow transplantation and the price of any medical procedure changes with many factors, which makes it difficult to fix a number as a cost.

Speaking of the price of eyebrow transplantation in Egypt; We can say that the most prominent factors causing price discrepancies are:

The nature of the condition

Meaning that there are some cases that suffer from moderate thinness of eyebrow hair; Others suffer from extreme thinness, and the cost will certainly vary depending on the density of the eyebrow hair in the case.

Level of service in the medical center

Certainly, the level of service provided, the level of techniques used, and the experience of the medical team play a major role in achieving the desired eyebrow transplant results. Accordingly, the cost varies. We cannot equate a center that provides excellent service with a center that uses outdated techniques.

Experience of the medical team

The competence of the treating physician and the competence of his assisting team play a major role in achieving the best results with the least complications, and the cost naturally increases with the increase in the doctor’s experience and skill.

Type of technology used

The price of the procedure varies depending on the techniques used. The doctor has special tools for each technique and method, and therefore the cost varies depending on the technique.



Therefore, determining the exact cost of hair transplantation requires choosing a specific center, undergoing an evaluation, and determining the technique that will be used. Accordingly, the center can determine the cost according to your condition.

If you are seeking the best eyebrow transplant results, the DHI Center opens its doors to everyone, and promises you excellent results based on the most advanced hair transplant techniques. Just contact us to book an appointment.