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The cost of hair transplantation on the front of the head

Are you suffering from hair loss, especially in the front of your head? Is it causing you to lose your youthful appearance and self-confidence? Have you tried medical treatments, but they haven't worked? If so, hair transplant may be the right solution for you.

In this article, we'll explore the cost of hair transplant in Egypt, as well as how DHI Global and its branch in Egypt can help you restore your hair in a safe and effective way.


Hair transplant and the most common techniques:

First of all, it's important to understand that hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that aims to replace lost hair in the front of the head and fill in the gaps in that area. This procedure is performed by taking hair follicles from an area with a high density of hair, called the donor area (such as the sides and back of the head), and then replanting them in the areas of the scalp with gaps, called the recipient area.

Hair transplant is typically performed using one of the following techniques:

  • Strip hair transplant (FUSS): This technique involves removing a strip of scalp that contains hair follicles from a specific area, then replanting that strip in the area that needs coverage.
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE): This technique involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area, then replanting them in the recipient area that needs to regrow.
  • Direct hair implantation (DHI): This is a modification of the FUE technique, where special pens called Choi pens are used to implant the hair directly without the need to open channels beforehand.

At DHI, we use DHI technology as the latest and most important technology in hair transplant. We perform this technique with high efficiency and in accordance with international standards, and we offer it at a very fair cost.

Cost of hair transplant:

The question that everyone is looking for online is "How much does hair transplant cost?" Unfortunately, there is no fixed and clear answer, as there are many factors that determine the cost. Therefore, you need to visit the center where you want to have the procedure done and have a medical examination to find out the cost accurately.

Factors that determine the cost of hair transplant in Egypt:

As we mentioned, there are many factors that play a major role in determining the cost of hair transplant, in addition to the technique used. These factors include:

  • The number of follicles needed to be transplanted to get a good result.
  • The geographical location of the hair transplant center.
  • The reputation of the doctor and the center.
  • The level of medical care provided by the center.
  • The degree of modernity of the techniques and equipment used.



Candidates for hair transplant:

We can say that hair transplant is suitable for many people, especially:

  • People who are in good health.
  • People who have adequate amounts of healthy hair in the donor areas. Because people who suffer from thinning and weakening of hair in general cannot transplant hair on the forehead only.
  • People who have been exposed to burns or injuries in the forehead area, where they need to transplant appropriate amounts of hair to correct the overall appearance of the head.
  • People who suffer from alopecia, where large amounts of hair are lost and gaps are formed in the forehead area.

Of course, anyone whose budget can afford the cost of hair transplant is eligible. Hair transplant is performed for these candidates to restore density and improve the overall appearance of the damaged hair area. In cooperation with DHI Global Center in Egypt, these people can get a comprehensive and effective solution to hair loss problems and restore their confidence and beauty.


Hair transplant with DHI Global - the best hair transplant center in Egypt:

When we mention DHI Global Center, we are talking about a global center with a long history in this field. Not only that; it has a team of experts who contributed to laying the foundations of the DHI Direct Hair Implantation technique. This is a guarantee that relying on this center means an excellent result.

We are not making marketing statements without evidence; rather, we are mentioning facts based on many factors that have enabled the center to achieve excellent results with its previous clients. These factors include:

  • Using a high-resolution camera to provide accurate detection of the hair condition before and after hair transplant surgery. This helps to determine the need and plan the operation perfectly.
  • Relying on (Choi pen) for precise control of the direction of the implanted hair, which allows doctors to adjust the direction, angle, and correct arrangement of the hair based on the natural hair engineering and hairline.
  • Choi pens used in the DHI technique used in the center ensure a more harmonious distribution of the implanted hair.