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Fine hair transplant for men

Hair transplantation is the ideal solution for those who suffer from hair loss or baldness, but some may want to transplant fine hair specifically for men. In other cases, we see that some people who have soft and thin hair are afraid of the hair transplantation process, and they believe that fine hair does not represent strong grafts. For hair transplantation, what is the truth about this matter?

In this article, we will talk about the possibility of transplanting fine hair for men, in addition to talking about the hair transplantation process in some detail, such as how to transplant hair for men, and the reasons that lead to hair transplantation from the beginning, with an elite group of doctors specializing in hair transplantation at the DHI Center branch. Egypt, so continue reading with us until the end.


Fine hair transplant for men

Everyone wants to have smooth and perfect hair, and many people who are about to undergo hair transplantation wonder about the possibility of transplanting fine hair instead of coarse hair, but the validity and strength of the grafts used in hair transplantation are important in the success of the procedure, as well as in order for us to obtain the expected results, and doctors explain that Strong and coarse hair gives great results in hair transplantation, and this does not mean that transplanting fine hair for men is impossible.

Transplanting fine hair for men is a natural and effective process, and this process enables hair to be restored naturally. Which contributes to improving the appearance of density and texture of the transplanted hair. Which leads to natural and attractive results, and therefore there is no problem with transplanting fine hair for men. As for transplanting fine hair instead of coarse, this depends on the hair follicles that are transplanted. If they are soft, they will remain that way after transplantation.


Reasons for resorting to hair transplantation

Fine hair transplantation for men has many reasons that prompt the client to undergo it, and these reasons may be genetic factors, hormonal factors, or pathological factors, and these reasons include:

  1. Stress: Stress or psychological pressures are among the most common causes that lead to hair loss. Also, if the problem of stress continues after the procedure, it will also lead to hair loss, because stress affects the life cycle of hair, and leads to rapid hair loss and baldness.
  2. Hormonal disorders: One of the most common reasons for resorting to a fine hair transplant for men is to increase the level of testosterone, as this leads to hair loss and baldness.
  3. Skin diseases: Some skin diseases affect the hair and lead to severe hair loss, such as alopecia.
  4. Some genetic factors: a parent suffering from hair loss or a father suffering from baldness increases the chance of infection.

Neglecting hair hygiene and washing will also lead to hair loss. It should be noted that a person naturally loses a number of hairs a day, and this number ranges between 50 to 100 hairs. However, if hair loss a day exceeds 150 hairs, then in this case we have We have reached an abnormal rate of hair loss.


How to perform a fine hair transplant for men

You must choose the best doctors to perform this procedure to obtain the ideal results that you desire. The process of transplanting fine hair for men using the DHI technique includes the following steps:

  1. Drawing the front line based on the client's opinion.
  2. Determine the donor area from which the follicles will be extracted.
  3. Anesthesia of the entire area using a painless anesthesia machine, which works using pressure technology, is called painless anesthesia.
  4. The doctor determines which hair follicles are best, and the best follicles are those that contain 3 or more hairs.
  5. The doctor begins by extracting the follicles using a device called a micrograph motor, which separates the follicle from the skin of the head and extracts it without leaving any traces.
  6. The follicle is placed directly in the DHI pen and then implanted in the appropriate area. This step takes less than 10 seconds, so the follicle is not left outside the head for more than a minute, and this increases the success rate of the DHI procedure.

The best doctors must be chosen to obtain the best results, as the doctor must make holes in the right places. Also, when transplanting fine hair for men, the doctor must pay attention to the direction of the hair and the hair density so that the client gets completely natural hair.

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Advantages of DHI technology

DHI technology has many advantages, including:

  1. DHI technology allows hair transplantation directly using specialized tools, and transplants hair in the required places with high precision without the need to open channels separately as happens in other techniques.
  2. Through DHI technology, we can transplant up to 7,000 follicles in one session.
  3. Through DHI technology, we can plant more than 80 follicles in every 1 square cm.
  4. No traces are left after the operation at all, because the pen used for implantation has a very small head, and the holes usually heal two hours after the operation.
  5. In some other techniques, it is necessary to completely shave the hair of the transplanted area, but in DHI, hair can be transplanted without the need for complete shaving; This allows the existing hair to be preserved and private.
  6. Due to the precise and direct transplantation process, the recovery time is usually shorter, as the patient can return to normal life more quickly compared to some other hair transplantation techniques.
  7. Thanks to the precision of hair transplantation and improved transplantation angles, natural and attractive results of transplanted hair are achieved without visible marks on the skin.



The best center for hair transplantation

When deciding to undergo a hair transplant, you must choose the best center to perform this procedure, in order to:

  • You get the best results possible.
  • You avoid any problem that may occur during or after the operation.
  • Ensures the use of the latest methods and means available.
  • Ensures the best success rate for the operation.


Therefore, do not hesitate to choose the DHI Center, Egypt Branch, because this center is distinguished by the following:

  • It has an elite group of distinguished hair transplant doctors in Egypt, trained at the highest level.
  • Doctors use the latest surgical techniques and methods to ensure the client's comfort throughout the procedure.
  • Following the latest scientific methods in hair transplantation.
  • All steps in the hair transplant process are performed by trained doctors.
  • The center follows the highest levels of cleanliness and sterilization.

In the end, it is possible to perform a fine hair transplant for men, but it is very important to choose the best doctors to perform this procedure, in order to obtain the best possible results, so do not hesitate to contact the DHI Center, Egypt Branch, and our medical team will explain to you all the details you need.