Cosmetic hair patch

رقعة الشعر التجميلية

Cosmetic hair patch

Cosmetic Hair Patch - Non Surgical Hair Replacement
(Hair Solution for Norwood Scale 6 onwards)
Cosmetic Hair Patch (Direct Hair Fusion) is a non-surgical hair replacement technique. The treatment is specially designed to provide a complete solution by offering natural-looking hair restoration.

In this treatment, a patch of human hair is placed on the affected area with the help of cosmetic glue which is extremely safe and non-allergic.

It is a customized treatment where experts analyze the severity of hair loss and provide tailor-made treatments to them. We at DHI provide skin that gives a natural look alongside recommending patients to take hair patch treatments. Once the treatment is done, you can easily wash, dry, and even comb your hair. All age groups and genders can opt for this treatment to relive their life with confidence.

Hair patch looks natural
Personalize the patch based on any hair colour and texture
Fast and affordable solution for baldness
100% safe and risk-free

Custom Design

For each Patient, a customized ‘hair replacement system’ is made in Europe based on the order form filled by us with above full details. Arrival of the system takes around 8-12 weeks. Once it arrives, the system is fixed on the scalp of the Patient, using special skin friendly materials. The entire procedure is performed by highly trained and experienced hair stylists, in our world class facilities and takes a little more than an hour only.



Refusion - Placement

Once fixed, the Patient may experience a little bit of unease for first 3-4 days, but once he gets used to it, the joy of having totally natural looking permanent hair and a new desirable look is immeasurable. This procedure is equally beneficial for both men and women. Once fitted, you enjoy full freedom to wash, dry, comb and style your new hair, as you want.

Post Care

Once fitted, you need to do a maintenance of the system, either in our facility or on your own, every 20-30 days. You would need a replacement of your skin in 5-8 months.”