زراعة الشعر في مصر للرجال

Hair transplantation in Egypt for men

Do you suffer from hair loss problem? Are you looking for an effective and safe solution to regain your hair and self-confidence? Then hair transplantation may be the solution you are looking for.

In Egypt, the latest technologies and the best centers specialized in hair transplantation for men are available. In this article, we will review with you the most important information about hair transplantation in Egypt for men, the most prominent techniques used, the best hair transplant center in Egypt and its most important features, so do not miss following our article until the end.


An overview of hair transplantation in Egypt for men and the most important techniques?

Hair transplantation is a common procedure in Egypt to treat hair loss in men. Several hair transplantation techniques are available in Egypt, including FUSS hair transplantation, FUE hair transplantation, and DHI hair transplantation.



First: FUSS hair transplantation technique

As for the nature of this technology, it includes:

  • It depends on transferring a slice of the donor scalp to the recipient area.
  • A piece of skin is removed from the donor area and divided into small parts containing hair follicles.
  • This technique leaves a visible scar in the donor area and is usually used in conjunction with FUE.

Second: FUE hair transplantation technique

  • It requires extracting hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them into the area suffering from hair loss.
  • A precise instrument is used to extract the follicles without leaving any visible scars.
  • This technique requires an individual evaluation of each case to determine the appropriate number of follicles and the location of their transplantation.

Third, DHI hair transplantation technique

  • It relies on using Choi pens to extract and transplant hair follicles directly.
    This technique maintains the strength and health of the follicles and is
  • considered effective and permanent for restoring hair growth with natural density.
  • It is the ideal technique for hair transplantation, so it is what we rely on at the DHI Center, and we will detail its method later.


Who are the candidates for hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is an ideal option for many men who suffer from hair loss problems. Male hair transplant candidates include:

  • Men who suffer from male pattern baldness, which is the most common cause of hair loss in men, as this pattern is characterized by a receding hairline and the progression of a bald area on the forehead and upper area of the scalp.
  • For men with thinning hair as they age, a hair transplant can help increase its density and improve its appearance.
  • For men who have lost some hair due to burns or injuries, hair transplantation can be an effective option to restore lost hair in these cases.

To determine whether you are a good candidate for hair transplantation in Egypt for men, you should consult a dermatologist, to determine whether you have thick, healthy hair in the donor area and whether the target area is in good condition and hair will grow back.



How is hair transplantation done in Egypt for men using DHI technology?

The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique is a modern technique used in hair transplantation in Egypt for both men and women and has many advantages that make it our approved choice at the DHI Egypt Hair Transplant Center. Below is a detailed look at how hair transplantation in Egypt for men using this technique:

1. Hair extraction stage

The process begins by extracting hair follicles from the donor area. DHI instruments designed with a diameter of 1 mm or less are used to extract the follicles one by one, without making prior openings. The follicles are kept at a specific temperature and placed in a solution that promotes their development after transplantation, to prevent any damage to the follicles.

2. Cultivation stage

Hair follicles are transplanted directly into the area of hair loss. The follicles are carried in a pen-shaped device (Choi pen) and implanted on the bald part of the scalp. This tool has a diameter of 1 mm or less, and implants the follicles without creating prior holes or incisions.

3. Obtain the natural result

Thanks to complete control over the depth, direction and angle of implantation of each follicle, the use of DHI technology ensures natural results. Once the hair is transplanted, new follicles grow, and new hair begins to appear, ensuring that the transplanted hair will not fall out and will continue to grow throughout life.

DHI technology offers many advantages over traditional hair transplantation techniques, such as no need to create pre-opening holes and precise control of the angle and direction of transplantation. It is important to note that hair transplantation using DHI technology must be performed by a professional medical team with experience in this field to ensure optimal results and complete safety for the client.

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The best hair transplant center in Egypt

After knowing a lot about hair transplantation in Egypt for men, and its advantages, especially with the DHI technique, you are surely wondering about the best hair transplant center in Egypt and how to find it. We are here to save you the trouble of searching and recommend to you the DHI Egypt Hair Transplant Center. Below are some of its components that make it one of the best. The best hair transplant centers in the world:

  • DHI is distinguished by having the largest team of doctors and specialists in hair loss treatment, and they are the most experienced in this field.
  • The DHI team operates in 30 countries around the world and has an excellent reputation. DHI benefits from a scientific board composed of renowned experts in the field of hair transplantation.
  • DHI Global Medical Group follows industry standard operating procedures and protocols, which are applied throughout all operations to ensure safety and guaranteed results. DHI is ISO certified and registered in the UK under the CQC.
  • The hair transplantation process using the DHI technique that the center follows is completely painless and is performed using local anesthesia. This technique has a success rate of up to 95%, which is higher than other techniques such as FUE or FUT.
  • The results of hair transplantation at the center begin to appear after the third month of the operation, and are basically completed after 12 months. The duration of a hair transplant session depends on the size of the treatment, and usually takes about 5 hours. Patients can return to work the day after the session. The new hair grows naturally and looks like the original hair.
  • The cost of hair transplantation at DHI Center in Egypt varies according to each patient's condition and individual needs. It is preferable to contact the DHI Center directly to obtain more accurate information about the cost and personal advice.



In conclusion, after obtaining the most important information about hair transplantation in Egypt for men and the latest technologies used and their advantages, there is no doubt that the DHI Hair Transplant Center stands out among other centers as the best hair transplant center in Egypt with a distinguished medical team and advanced technologies. You can rely on DHI to achieve amazing and natural results. . Don't waste any more time searching, book your personal consultation now with DHI and enjoy thick hair and a great look. Embark on a journey of rediscovering your self-confidence and get ready to look the way you deserve.