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How to transplant hair for men

The importance of hair for men is not limited to being a factor in improving the overall appearance; Rather, hair forms an important part of a man's identity and self-confidence. Therefore, hair loss is annoying for many men, which prompts them to search for a permanent and effective solution to this problem, and here hair transplantation provides the ideal solution to restore the beauty and density of hair.

In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at how to transplant hair for men with the best technology, which is the DHI technique, while reviewing the most important post-operative tips, shedding light on the price of hair transplantation and the most important factors that affect it, while clarifying some of the disadvantages of hair transplantation that often occur with hair transplantation. Other techniques, so stay tuned until the end to learn about the options available to rebuild hair lines and restore self-confidence.


What is hair transplantation for men and what are the most important techniques used in it?

At the beginning of our talk about how to transplant hair for men, we mention an overview of hair transplantation and say that it is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to transfer hair roots from a dense area on the individual’s body to the area affected by baldness or low hair density. The roots are often moved from the back to the side or front of the head, as these areas are empty of hair. Most hair transplant operations are performed in clinics and under local anesthesia.



There are three main hair transplant techniques:

1. Strip Hair Transplant (FUSS)

It relies on using a slice of the scalp containing hairs and implanting them in the targeted area.

2. Hair transplantation by extraction (FUE)

The follicles are extracted from the donor head area and transplanted into the recipient area.

3. Direct hair transplantation (DHI technique)

A modified technique for FUE hair transplantation, where special pens are used to transplant hair without the need to open channels beforehand.

DHI technology is considered the latest and most important technology adopted by the DHI International Center and its branch in Egypt for hair transplantation, as it is implemented with global efficiency, making it an effective option for those wishing to restore hair density.


How to transplant hair for men using DHI technology

Direct hair transplantation technology is considered the latest, safest and most effective technology. Below we explain how to transplant hair for men using DHI technology:

  1. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area individually one by one using small DHI instruments specially designed for this purpose.
  2. The extracted follicles are kept at a suitable temperature and in a nutrient solution that promotes their growth and development after planting. This helps maintain the quality of the follicles and reduces the chance of any damage to them.
  3. The surgeon implants the follicles directly into the scalp affected by hair loss using a Choi pen-shaped transplant tool, which ensures control over the direction of the transplanted hair to have a natural appearance.
  4. Due to the use of the Choi pen, the depth, angle and direction of planting each follicle are precisely controlled to ensure natural and beautiful results.
  5. After completing hair transplantation, attention is paid to subsequent care for the transplanted area. Aftercare can include using special preparations and following your physician's instructions regarding washing your hair and applying prescribed ointments or creams.

It is important to note that the results of hair transplantation with the DHI technique may vary from person to person and depend on factors such as:

  • Hair type and quality.
  • Scalp condition.
  • The body's response to the operation.

Before undergoing any hair transplant procedure, a person should consult with the surgeon about how hair transplantation for men will perform, the technique that will be used and discuss expectations and potential risks.



Tips after hair transplant

In our article on how to do a hair transplant for men, we mention some important tips for the post-operative period:

  • Follow your doctor's instructions regarding prescribed medications.
  • It is preferable to rest for the first two days after hair transplantation.
  • Avoid walking and standing a lot, as this can lead to facial swelling.
  • Avoid smoking, coffee, alcohol and their derivatives for at least a week.
  • Be careful for 7 days after hair transplant to avoid head injury.
  • Do not sleep on your face during the first week of surgery.
  • For the first 10 days, you should wash your hair daily using the recommended shampoo and lotion.
  • 15 days after surgery, use your fingertips for 10 minutes daily to massage the implanted area in a circular motion.

After the last hair wash and during the first month, you may experience temporary hair loss. This is a normal and expected loss, so there is no need to worry. After the first three months of transplantation, hair loss will stop and your hair will begin to grow.


The price of hair transplantation and the factors affecting it

In an article that mainly talks about how to do hair transplantation for men, we must address the factors affecting the price of this procedure. The price of hair transplantation in Egypt is affected by several factors, the most important of which are:

  1. The required hair density affects the price of hair transplantation. The more hairs required to be transplanted, the higher the cost.
  2. The type of technique used in transplantation plays an important role in determining the price of the operation, as the DHI technique is considered more expensive than other techniques due to the quality of the results and the scarcity of side effects.
  3. The doctor's experience plays a crucial role in determining the price of the service, as doctors with experience and good reputation have a higher cost.
  4. The procedure requirements and equipment also affect the cost of hair transplantation.
  5. The location and reputation of the center affect the cost of the service. Centers with a good reputation may have a higher cost.

Understanding these factors helps in making an informed decision when searching for hair transplant services in Egypt, with a balance between the desired quality and the appropriate cost. To know the exact price of a hair transplant using the latest technologies, contact the DHI Center to book a consultation to evaluate the case and determine the exact price.

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Disadvantages of hair transplantation

Hair transplantation may be associated with some side effects and risks, including:

  • Swelling and pain that may occur in the scalp during the first days after surgery.
  • Inflammation or infection at the surgical site.
  • Scarring and excessive scarring in the transplant area.
  • Failure of the grafts to grow and loss of the transplanted hair.
  • Itching and dandruff on the scalp.

It is worth noting that the direct hair transplantation technique used at the DHI Center has been developed to avoid these side effects and is a completely safe technique.

At the conclusion of our article on how to transplant hair for men, it can be said that in the midst of medical and technological progress today, hair transplantation for men has become a safe and effective option that restores hope and confidence in achieving a renewed, youthful appearance. If you are looking for a radical change and complete restoration of your hair density, DHI Center offers you the opportunity to smile again. Don't miss the opportunity to restore your hair and achieve the transformation you aspire to. Take a step towards confidence and attractiveness, contact us today to schedule a free consultation and enjoy the look you have always dreamed of.